Blues deluxe. In the world of rock and blues no guitar matches a 58 Black Beauty. Until now. The Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty Les Paul Custom puts pure blues passion in the palm of your hand. Put the soul back in your solos with a trio of Epiphone ProBucker pickups hand-picked by Bonamassa to recreate the versatile and exhilarating sound of his original 58 Gibson. Passionate about playability. For an authentic 58 feel and near-endless sustain Bonamassa specified a chunky 50s-style build and a stunning ebony fretboard. The Bonamassa Black Beautys iconic look comes courtesy of exclusive vintage-style tuners classic gold hardware and custom eye-catching yellow binding on the body and neck. A luxury custom-designed hardcase completes a limited edition Black Beauty box-set that wont leave you blue.

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