Key Features Versatile guitar and amp lets your creativity shine Three standard single-coil pickups deliver tones suitable for all High-quality construction with classic Fender appointments Built for a comfortable and stable performance Squier Bullet Stratocaster, Arctic White & SubZero V15G Amp Bundle Overview Squier Let your creativity shine with the Squier Bullet Stratocaster, Arctic White & SubZero V15G Vintage Amp Bundle. Built for beginners and students, the Bullet Strat is crafted from a basswood body, maple neck, and laurel fingerboard to deliver balanced tones suitable for all musical styles. Switch between its three standard single-coil pickups to produce a variety of tones and play with the vintage-style tremolo to create a truly captivating performances. Use the SubZero V15G amp's clean and drive sounds to deliver even more soundscapes or experiment with its EQ to find the perfect sound for your playing. Deliver classic Fender tones with the Squier Bullet Strat and produce powerful soundscapes with the SubZero V15G Vintage 15W Guitar Amp. This bundle is the perfect start for aspiring guitarists. Product Ref: 119155

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