One stomp. Now youre making metal. It?s that easy jump to aggression which made the original one of BOSSs best-selling pedals. Now the Waza Craft BOSS MT-2W Metal Zone takes the Metal Zones era defining sound and gives it a full-blooded upgrade. An all analog upgrade too. You get hugely rich boost in your sound. The Waza Craft Metal Zone expands the dynamic range massively. Its also deceptively simple. Theres a switch press it one way you get an improved standard MT-2 sound. Throw the switch the other way and you get the Waza Craft custom mode. Custom mode gives you an outrageously huge sound except now its much easier to control and harness. Its got all the features that made the MT-2 a best-seller since the early 90s. And now it comes with even more reasons to pick one up.

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