Its a long way down. The DigiTech Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal is a well of tunings offering you the ability to drop tune your guitar without having to touch the strings. This nifty little box of low end madness has the power to transform your sound. Whether you just want to drop down a semitone for a slightly deeper voice or you want to take your tuning right to the depths of the earth by dropping it a full octave you can do so. Take it with you. Built for the stage this robust drop tune pedal has all the characteristics of an expertly designed creation. Tired of dragging your gaggle of guitars to live shows? The DigiTech Drop eliminates the need to do so by allowing you to access virtually any drop tuning you want meaning one guitar should be more than enough for any performance. With intuitive controls and a standout design it will be the centrepiece of your pedalboard.

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