Indestructible powerful and fierce. The Dunlop GBJ95 Crybaby Junior Wah allows you to experience the pedal that has been a staple of rock and blues since the 60s whilst reaping the benefits of amazing versatility and glorious practical features. Switch between three wah voices that have been derived from some of Dunlops most notable sounds and perform with decimating dynamics. From a ferocious modern wah to a vintage sounding effect this pedal encompasses everything you need to deliver a mind-blowing set. Aside from offering such delicious sounds this pedal has been designed with an abundance of practical elements in mind. Mount to your pedalboard easily thanks to the flush base and align your other pedals neatly alongside it; its shape and size ensures it fits nicely whilst leaving ample room for your other effects. The jacks are conveniently positioned on the front of the pedal to accommodate super packed boards in which no space is unnecessarily taken up by cables ends.

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