Stop wasting time. Start making music. Setting up your pedalboard just got a whole lot easier with the TC Electronic Plethora X5 TonePrint Pedalboard. TC Electronic have packed all of their TonePrint pedals from the last decade into a single unit as well as giving you the choice to load each pedal with any TonePrint from their massive library. It might sound complicated. But its not. You simply experiment with new combinations of five multiple effects all on one device. You can even use TonePrint technology to customise each pedal in depth. Make it simple. Keep it tidy. All the planning measuring and building of a classic pedalboard takes a while. This is time that you could be spending jamming with your friends practising or composing your next hit. The Plethora X5 cuts all this out. You can keep all the fun of exploring new combinations without the mess freeing you up to do what you love - being creative. This pedalboard stores up to 127 custom setups so youll never run out of tones. Keep things fresh. Keep adapting.

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