Pure rock n roll. Yield a recipe for classic rock. The PRS CE24 will take your breath away with its outstanding playability and soaring tone. Masterfully crafted it offers a dynamic luxurious playing experience and will make your riffs sing. A pair of iconic coil-split 85/15 pickups deliver a full-throttle pounding tone which is clear as it is powerful. Through these pickups your music will blossom as it gains a highly articulate and detailed voicing which truly stands out from the crowd.Play like never before. With a smooth pattern thin maple neck and exceptional rosewood fretboard this guitar has all the tools to get you riffing naturally and in complete comfort. Like to shred? No problem youll find your fingers move down the maple neck effortlessly. Top all this off with a top-quality PRS Trem bridge which lets you use the whammy bar for wild - or subtle - vibrato and you have a truly meticulous design. For rock - it doesnt get better than this.

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