You need to hear it to believe it. The PSR David Grissom DGT offers up a waterfall of sublime hard-hitting tones for you to enjoy. Made to the specifications of prominent guitarist David Grissom it is crafted to perfection. DGT pickups give you a dynamic warm vintage-style tone which truly brings out every detail of your riffs. Theyll raise your music up to the stars and give your songs a new level of clarity and punch.Sublime feel. Superb playability. Coming with a slick mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard this guitar is beautifully smooth to the touch. David Grissom himself would look in awe at how effortless fretting and manoeuvring is along these premium expertly crafted tools. And PRS Phase III locking tuners help to keep your tuning super tight for precise pristine playing. Let your inspiration run wild on this dynamic electrifying guitar.

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