A true icon. This PRS John Mayer Silver Sky MN is the exact embodiment of what John wants from an instrument. Featuring custom-made pickups a custom neck profile and a head-turning finish. Distinctive. And if youre into authentic single coil tone blended with Mayers unmistakable tonal flavour this is it. As a powerful trio of scintillating single coils is here take you soaring back to days gone by. A hot vintage sound and it was designed to separate your performance from the rest.With two years of research and refinement the Silver Sky was born. Making Johns dream a reality. And enabling you to experience premium quality with Johns truly individual tone and feel. A complete powerhouse of an instrument and it simply needs to be experienced. Riveting in response and perfect for making your bluesy riffs and searing rock really thrive. This isnt just upping your performance this is changing the game. So with immersive vintage specs modern soul and style combined. All the Silver Sky really has to say is - I was the one you always dreamed of...

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