Where cherished vintage design meet originality. The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky teams old and new with scrupulous precision and careful design. The use of alder for the body reflects the construction of 60s guitars which Mayer hugely admires whilst the lower horn scoop allows for exceptionally easy access to the higher frets. As well as having vintage and practical qualities of course the sound is just as stunning. Powerful 635JM single coil pickups deliver a superb colourful tone with a high end that glistens whilst maple and rosewood bring brightness and balance in good measure. Designed to provide incredible playability the silky-smooth fretboard allows you to pitch bend and slide as if your fingers are floating on air much like the dazzling yet subtle bird inlays that accent it. The reverse headstock then ensures even more access to the fretboard particularly its underside - so you can have a playing experience like no other. Once you have nailed your technique with the aid of such innovative features sculpt your tone perfectly using the volume and tone controls. There are two of the latter to ensure the ultimate precision.

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