Pro quality reigns here. This PRS McCarty 594 is an electric that simply has it all. Its stunning. From its alluring aesthetics infused with vintage charm to its flawless features and astonishing sound it was birthed to ignite your sonic passions. And you certainly wont be disappointed. Explore the tonal beauty of pickups voiced specifically for this McCarty 594 while design at the pinnacle of quality gives you a playing experience like no other. Its time to unleash.Blossoming with meticulous attention to detail the PRS McCarty provides an exceptional feel and an immaculate performance. Every time. It offers nothing but luxury while its sleek vintage pattern neck and bevelled cutaway design give you unrestricted access to upper frets. And the ultimate platform for searing solos. Plus if youre looking for versatility this McCarty 594 gives you just that. Expect wide-reaching dynamics and a crystal clear voice that will deliver your riffs with definition and chime. Its addictive. Breathtaking stage presence awaits...

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