A guitar that just oozes excellence. The PRS McCarty 594 takes us back to the original model released in the 90s a true demonstration of PRSs expertise. But along with components such as vintage-style tuners and a two-piece bridge this updated model incorporates some innovative features that improve the guitars tone tremendously. The 58/15 LT pickups not only allow you to deliver a completely astounding sound that?s full of bite articulation and raw power but they also project sublime consistency across the whole frequency range thanks to the TCI (tuning capacitance and inductance) process they have gone through. As well as offering incredible sound the PRS McCarty has been crafted from a combination of tonewoods that provide immense sturdiness and durability and enhance playability. With magnificent robustness the mahogany body can endure your aggressive playing and thrashing about on stage and it will thrive. A ravishing rosewood fretboard then enables you to slide skilfully at speed across the frets in effortless fashion. Divebomb string bend and go absolutely wild the PRS McCarty promises a breath-taking experience.

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