A true legend. The PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut is a magnificent creation. It will unlock your creativity on your guitar and pave the way to total mastery. It features 58/15 S pickups in the neck and bridge giving it a beautifully rich full sound that bursts with harmonics and flavour. Your riffs will be on fire with this tone machine which can make virtually any genre shine. The pickups can also be split for a sweet punchy single coil sound - perfect for bright vintage tones. Its blossoming with attention to detail. From the beautifully carved pattern vintage mahogany neck to the luscious rosewood fretboard with PRSs bird inlays this guitar offers the ideal playing experience. A bevelled cutaway design makes for smooth easy access to upper frets - make those solos sing. And a slightly thicker back enhances sustain so you can make each note count by ringing it out. Boasting premium craftsmanship and exceptional playability the S2 McCarty will immediately become your most treasured possession.

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