Untethered sonic. Never be limited on tone. Release an insane and versatile sound with the PRS SC 594 McCarty. PRS have embellished their name in the music world with their modern manufacturing techniques and reliability. This is no different for the SC 594 McCarty. With the release of this addition to the McCarty series PRS have ensured they will continue to inspire generations of musicians. A sound with miles of versatile depth. The impressive 58/15 "LT" pickups resonate range of tones from a fat humbucking sound to a sweet nuanced sonic. This is a machine that gives you the freedom and tools to unleash your experimental creativity upon the world. To say its dynamic is an understatement. A slightly thicker back will encourage your riffs to sing out with more sustain than usual and the maple top supplies your attack with snap and articulation while the mahogany back keeps your lows robust. This is a worthy addition to your premium collection.

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