McCarty Tobacco Sunburst. Searing sonic dynamism. Exhilarating tone. It can only be the PRS SC594. Giving you King of the Jungle status in any venue with a sumptuous appearance thatll have all eyes locked on you night after night. Its loaded with powerful 58/15 LT pickups for a dynamic expressive soulful sound while its flawless features and peak of performance presence gives you individuality like no other. This is certainly one for the artists. With immaculate attention to detail and built to precision this SC594 was birthed to meet the needs of the most demanding players.Erupting with heaps of tonal flavour the SC594 McCartys 58/15 LT pickup combo proudly delivers warmth articulation and power in abundance. These high-end pickups have been tuned specifically to this model to help enhance their sound massively resulting in a dynamic tone to die for. Wade through endless versatility and listen to your riffs chime with definition and clarity. Tasty. Plus with a pattern vintage neck and meticulous attention to detail theres simply nothing to stop your reaching the pinnacle of your career with this pristine PRS SC594.

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