A booming baritone. The PRS SE 277 Baritone is a powerful guitar with a deep delicious tone. Naturally tuned lower thanks to the extended scale length youll love how it makes lower tunings sound tight punchy and powerful. The pair of 85/15 S humbuckers give you a dynamic articulate well rounded voice to work with and will turbocharge your riffs. Whether youre chugging strumming or playing lead you can be sure that youll always be heard. It plays beautifully too. Boasting a wide fat maple neck it has a satisfying feel and youll find fretting to be a breeze. The rosewood fingerboard also offers tones of playing satisfaction as well as strong sustain and superb smoothness. Youll feel completely free to express yourself with these exceptional tools at your disposal. If you want an instrument which will shake the ground with its roaring tone - this is it.

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