Built for exhilarating performances. The PRS Singlecut McCarty 594 resembles the original model released in the 90s delivering pure decimating tone. This sleek model with a single cutaway allows you to experience a true vintage sound whilst having the benefits of modern innovation. Powerful 58/15 LT + pickups have been crafted through PRS tuning capacitance and inductance process meaning the coils have been wound with meticulous attention giving you refined tuning across the whole frequency range. Its not just the electronics that are truly compelling the expert craftmanship that has shaped this magnificent instrument also offers wonderful tonal and practical possibilities. Armed with mahogany body and a ravishing rosewood fretboard you can play as aggressively as you like and thrash on stage with no inhibition. The sturdy and superbly playable Singlecut McCarty 594 can take it.

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