Iconic vintage design. Unforgettably expressive performance. Its craved by every guitarist. So this Gibson The Orange Lily Guitar Strap makes phenomenal stage-presence and effortless reality. Flaunting a sensational Orange Lily design your playing will be showcased in never-seen-before style. Decorate the stage with your own distinct character and flair. Charisma has never been so obtainable.Crafted with durable premium materials the Orange Lily Guitar Strap is reliable for every musical scenario. Its comfortable strong and keeps your pride and joy locked in place. While an adjustable design goes right up to 60.5 ensuring you can always find your optimum playing height. Making sure youre in control and playing with precision. Here to do nothing more than enhance your performance this is a vivid vintage style thatll set your persona apart from the rest - a must-have for all devoted performers.

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