Make a statement. And that you will with this PRS Leather Guitar Strap. It screams all things rock n roll while instantly recognisable PRS birds make this strap an icon in itself. Specifically designed for PRS guitars you now have a strap that seamlessly attaches to your pride and joy. And with premium leather design as well as pinholes tailored to PRS guitars your PRS stays firmly locked in place.Made with durable long-lasting leather this PRS Leather Guitar Strap not only prides on strength but comfort too. You can also adjust the length of the strap to suit your persona and playing style. Find your preferred playing height while making sure you can express yourself with pure comfort. Ensuring youre in control and playing with precision. But PRS know sometimes you simply want to stand out against the rest. So with a rock-ready Silver Sparkle finish adorned by iconic PRS bird of flight this Leather Strap just upped the game - leaving all eyes locked on you. Distinctive classy premium.

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