Deep and mysterious. Beneath the Jackson Pro Soloist MK SLAT27 EX Ltd Editions oceanic alluring exterior lies a monstrous sonic engine. Its also a limited edition. Meaning this absolute shred-machine wont be around forever. So grasp the opportunity of one powerful impactful instrument that erupts with tonal flavour. And boasts sought-after playability with 27 jumbo frets. A feature only seen on Jackson Custom Shop models. This is not an opportunity to be missed. Its about time you give your persona everything it has long craved...Made with a precisely contoured alder body you can express yourself with the feeling of weightlessness around your neck. No heft. No bulk. Just sleek liquid-smooth speedy playability. And with a searing duo of DiMarzio Super Distortion and Air Norton S pickups you have thick boosted mids delicious dynamics and deep indulgent warmth. Plus its incredibly responsive too. Putting your performance at its peak. Every time. It was designed to be every hardcore shredders dream. Bringing you an exquisite feel and tone beyond belief. So let your inner sonic passion roar and unleash a dark unforgettable tonal presence with a limited edition attitude.

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