Exotic excitement. The stunning zebra wood body of the Jackson SL3X sets it apart from other guitars as well as giving it a unique resonance and tonal character. If youre looking for a guitar which will delight your ears and provide both a refined and powerful sound then this will excel in all areas. With three Duncan Designed pickups comprising of two sets of Hot Rails humbuckers and one regular humbucker youll be able to change your sound with ease. Youll also find that each pickup sings on clean settings and roars with the gain cranked up. Achieve tonal greatness. The sleek finish on this guitar is matched by its slick playability with a satin finished maple neck allowing you to shoot up and down the fretboard with ease. Laurel wood for the fretboard adds some aesthetic charm and tonal brightness whilst the whammy bar will give you the freedom to create wide vibrato in your notes. The SL3X has everything the modern guitarist could want from their axe.

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