The ultimate shredding machine. The Jackson SL3XDX Soloist combines searing-hot sound with stunning one-of-a-kind style for an instrument of sensational quality. Equipped with a Jackson high-output humbucker in the bridge your lead playing will sizzle with scorching character and slash through any mix. In the neck and middle positions a pair of Jackson Mini Rail humbuckers deliver screaming harmonics and a highly dynamic response for a truly exhilarating playing experience. Its explosive.Its not just the sound that makes the Soloist so special though. An ultra-smooth laurel fretboard combines with a compound radius to provide a sensational feel across all 24 frets of its scale length. So youre totally unrestricted in every performance. For even more freedom on stage a double-locking Floyd Rose tremolo bridge lets players perform the most audacious of dive bombs whilst ensuring your tuning remains secure and accurate. Topped off with stunning one-of-a-kind crackle finish the SL3XDX presents an instrument of supreme sound and style. And it awaits your creativity...

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