Fear of bad tone? Youll leave all fears behind when you play the Jackson USA Adrian Smith San Dimas guitar. Its built for the same precision playing and powerful performance which Adrian Smith himself enjoys on stage. From the world-class DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker and Samarium Cobalt Noiseless single coils to the superior San Dimas body shape - it shines above the rest. It can handle anything from heavy high gain chugging to scintillating clean bluesy solos. Sail along the strings. Youve never felt such a smooth sublime neck. Slotting into your hand like a key in a lock it will open the door to prime playability and total fretting freedom. Its accompanied by a superb pristine maple fretboard - writing riffs on this work of art will come naturally. And youll be inspired to make some truly scorching music. With this sonic weapon in your hands youll be able to accomplish everything youve ever wanted on guitar.

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