All hail Mark Morton. And his guitar. The Jackson X Mark Morton Dominion is an embodiment of Mark Mortons colossal sound. Featuring the finest components and expert craftsmanship it will give you goosebumps as you pound through crushing riffs at a blistering pace. DiMarzio Mark Morton Signature Dominion humbuckers form the fiery foundations of this guitars cannon-like tone offering super clear articulation at high gain levels and full flavoursome crunch when the gain is rolled off. Shred. Then shred some more. The luscious maple neck has an ultra-smooth satin finish enabling lightning fast fret transitions. And a laurel fretboard further enhances your playing experience providing exceptional feel and a sustain-friendly response. Whether youre blazing through some old school Lamb of God riffs or forging your own this guitar will handle anything you can throw at it. And the sublime flame maple top adds a high degree of beauty to its aesthetics. Youll be unstoppable with this hardened road-ready instrument in your hands.

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