Its ready for battle. The Jackson X Warrior presents an instrument of superior quality. From its ferocious tone to its menacing metal style Jackson have taken every step to ensure the X Warrior is am absolute shredding machine. A set of high output Jackson humbuckers unleash scorching-hot highs with plenty of crunch in the mid and low frequencies. Its voicing is distinctive offering sweet harmonic character with each note you play. So you can trust that your sound will flourish in every performance. Complete playing freedom. The unique X-shaped body provides an unforgettable presence on stage but thats not its only purpose. Dual-cutaways allow effortless access to the upper frets along with a sleek maple neck and fingerboard that lets your hands soar across the silky surface. So no matter how fast you play the Warrior is crafted to keep up. A Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge gives players the power to decorate their solos with iconic whammy pitch bends and restore their tuning instantly. Because this is a guitar that goes above and beyond the conventional. A warrior at your arms...

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