Destined for ferocious performance. The Jackson KVXMG King V is put simply an absolute machine of a guitar. Loaded with a set of sizzling EMG humbucker pickups players are gifted with a well-balanced crunching tone with a tight bass and glassy mids. And thanks to the addition of an active preamp you can count on ultra-high output to let your highs scream through the mix for those scintillating solos. Play to your full potential. Because the Jackson King V ensures you can perform with total freedom. A sleek laurel fretboard lets your fingers rapidly soar across the surface - perfect for those lightning-quick riffs. And with a locking Floyd Rose tremolo bridge you can unleash the most creative of whammy bends without restriction. And of course the King V boasts sensational style with its striking V-shaped body offering a striking presence every time you step on stage. Because ultimately this is an instrument thats born to perform. And it exceeds all expectations...

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