The Jackson PRO Mick Thomson SL2 Soloist Arctic White is designed to accommodate Slipknots Mick #7 Thomsons aggressive take-no-prisoners playing style featuring a host of high performance components for the ultimate playing experience. Instead of using Seymour Duncans iconic Blackout pickups Thomson developed a custom set to suit his slaughtering riffs in drop tunings offering everything from destructive tonal chugs to crystal clean leads. Its mahogany body features a maple neck-through construction offering bright warm tonal characters with an enhanced sustain. The addition of Jacksons compound radius ebony fingerboard provides players with an incredibly comfortable feel perfect for both demonic riffs and deadly chords. This Signature Pro Soloist also features Jacksons premium-built MTB HT6 hardtail bridge maximising comfort for the picking hand while delivering the ultimate tuning stability.

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