Hes not called The King for nothing. One of the greatest guitarists of this generation Corey Bealieu and his Jackson Pro Corey Beaulieu King V are at the top of their game. Having bequeathed our ears with countless melodic lead lines and shred-heavy solos in Trivium it is only fitting that his signature is a high-gain speed-demon. Featuring divine Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers in the neck and bridge it has a roaring high output active tone which retains clarity and articulation at all times - even with tonnes of gain on top. Youll be able to chug and shred to your hearts content. Then theres the wicked oiled maple neck. Its super smooth to facilitate uncompromising dexterity and brutal sledgehammer riffs. Your licks will be liberated on this sharp pristine tool of creativity. And a punchy snappy ebony fretboard boosts the brightness of your tone and feels luxuriously smooth underneath your fingertips. And a Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking tremolo lets you inject your riffs with mind-bending vibrato and explosive divebombs. Corey Beaulieus signature is a sight to behold and will prove impossible to put down.

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