It dominates. The Jackson Pro MM Dominion is a force to be reckoned with. The body shape was designed by Mark Morton himself the legendary guitarist from Lamb of God. Its striking image is matched by its superb comfort and playability. Mark Morton Signature Dominion pickups also lend their premium tone to this finely crafted instrument making it roar with power and high gain articulation. Lead licks will sing melodically whilst rhythm riffs and chords have punch power and bite. But thats just the start. No matter what genre youre playing youll find the finely crafted mahogany neck feels natural and responsive in your hands. Featuring a neck-through design it also offers tonnes of scintillation sustain and resonance. Then theres the luxuriously smooth ebony fretboard which adds a hint of bite and snap to your sound for a tone which easily cuts through the mix. In the Dominion Mark Morton has created a cutting-edge guitar which screams with style and an outstanding sound. Itll rock your world.

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