A juggernaut of guitar. Misha Mansoor is known the world over as the virtuosic guitarist of progressive metal band Periphery. The Jackson Pro Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT 6 is a reflection of his skill and passion as a guitarist with a wealth of high end features making it shine as an instrument. With a pair of Jackson Uncovered MM1 pickups in the neck and bridge you can play as technically as you like whilst retaining note clarity and definition in every single note. Theyll cause high gain tones to roar with aggression and bite but theyll also express cleaner tones exceptionally well. Follow in his footsteps. Being designed by a professional guitarist the Juggernaut HT 6 has all the qualities you would expect from a high end guitar. The juggernaut cutaway body style is designed for pure comfort and maximum fretboard accessibility whilst the oil-finished caramelised maple neck is silky smooth. Youll be able to manoeuvre up and down the frets with unbridled ease and shred to your hearts content. With such an exceptional musical tool at your side theres nothing to stop you reaching the same godly heights of guitar playing greatness as Misha Mansoor himself.

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