A modern metal god. Phil Demmels Jackson Pro Series Demmelition is a sight to behold coming loaded with some of the most exciting features you can get your hands on. Having been a guitarist in metal masters Machine Head for over 15 years he knows exactly what he wants from a guitar so you can expect some excellent playability and tone from this guitar. With EMG active pickups in the neck and bridge positions youll find that this metal machine has more than enough output to create some seriously intense and powerful riffs. Raring to go. The Pro Series Demmelition features a dark striking ebony fretboard which gives it a bright powerful resonance and smooth playability. This is backed up by one-piece maple neck with a gloss finish which allows incredibly fast access all along the fretboard. The neck through design also gives this guitar heaps of sustain so you can let your high gain notes ring out for (almost) an eternity. Armed with Demmels axe youll have nothing stopping you creating the heaviest mind bending riffs youve ever heard.

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