Your gateway to guitar. With the new Ibanez GRG7221QA GIO youll have everything you need to play the music you want to play. Whether youre a beginner or an advanced player theres something for everyone in this instrument which is both affordable and packed with quality features. The Infinity R pickups are ideal for overdriven dirty tones and as such they are especially suited to those who are into heavier music like rock and metal. Defined diverse and dynamic. With seven strings this guitar has an extended range compared to a regular electric guitar allowing you to explore more sounds. This is representative of the shift many bands and artists are making from six to seven strings and will allow you to play a wide selection of music. It also has plenty of tonal goodness locked up inside its poplar body and beautiful quilted maple art grain top. Once you start playing this beauty you wont want to put it down.

£245.50 - Buy Now

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