The Orange Rocker 15 Terror Guitar Amp Head is a portable amp head version of the Rocker 15 combo. The Rocker design has a touch sensitive and organic response with its EL84 power valves and ECC83(12AX7) preamp valves. The Rocker 15 Terror is a dual channel design - channel 1 is a purists dream with only one dial and a wonderfully nuanced response channel 2 is a traditional drive channel with a fat tonality and 3-band EQ for tonal sculpting. Power switching and Bedroom mode gives the Rocker 15 the ability to deliver real valve saturation at any volume level meaning you can use the same amplifier at home in the studio and then on stage. The Rocker 15 Terror also features a tube FX loop to use your own effects pedals. The Rocker 15 Terror packs in a wealth of tone in a portable package.

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