Bi-Amp nature compact form. Your bass-playing future has arrived. And its not an opportunity to be missed. The Orange Bass Bulter Bi-Amp Preamp Pedal is here to cater to your sonic taste and performance needs. Taking iconic Bi-Amp tone an immense amount of tonal flavour and blending that with the ultimate control. Long gone are the days of lugging around heaps of equipment or saving all your spare pennies for a massive rig. Orange bring you the Bass Butler and its your solution to an enormous performance.Forget running through two amps and using a splitter. The game has changed. Removing the colossal amount of gear needed and bringing you compact convenience. Explore a huge sonic platter of clean bright vintage tones and thunderous unmistakable bass character. Not only do you receive heavenly versatility but you get Orange guitar and bass cab simulation and a ground lift switch too. With two individual XLR outputs from two separate channels the overall Bi-Amp tone seamlessly makes it through to any mixing desk. And all youve got to do is blend it to your taste.One of a kind your signature tone awaits...

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