Terror tone. Now more accessible than ever. The Orange Terror Stamp 20w Valve Hybrid Amp Pedal hosts all punch power and pristine clarity of the coveted Terror series in Oranges most innovative design yet. Combining the authenticity of an amplifier with the practicality and convenience of a guitar pedal - this is the compact tone solution youve been waiting for. It features a valve/solid-state hybrid circuit unlocking 20W of pure powerful tone on your pedalboard. And with dual volume controls you can switch between your carefully crafted sounds instantly. This is your sound. So naturally Orange have incorporated a range of controls to give you total tonal freedom. Use the shape knob to dial in the exact frequency you desire. And crank up the gain for that iconic Orange crunch. But the functionality of the Terror Stamp goes way beyond just sound. An integrated headphone output lets you silently practice wherever you are incorporating the flavour of a 4x12 cab sim the moment you start playing. This is the next step in amplifier design. And who better than Orange to drive your sound to the next level?

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