Ex-Demo These instruments may show light signs of use. They are quality checked by our team of repair technicians to ensure that they meet high playing standards. Any promotional materials offers software or subscriptions available when purchased as new may not be available with this Ex-Demo product. Youre about to go on a spiritual journey. When you plug into the Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Combo youll be blown away by the monstrous sounds it can unleash. Using groundbreaking bionic Spirit Tone Generator technology it faithfully recreates the golden sound of a tube amp with absolute precision and attention to detail. It also retains the flexibility and dynamism of modelling amps with tonnes of features to make your quest for the perfect tones much much easier. Theres nothing else like it. With unique features like power sag control and four channels for tonal versatility the Black Spirirt 200 Combo contains a treasure trove of possibilities. Youll have everything you have ever dreamed of in an amp right at your fingertips allowing you to put on the best performance possible every time you play. Make no mistake this amp means business and it is here to change world of amps forever.

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