Its an amp. Its a pedal. And its everything you need to perform at your very best. The Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor Amp combines a sensationally powerful all-analog floor amp with a stack of presets a load of effects and all the fluid easy functionality of a standard pedal. Putting total control of your performance right at your feet. Its safe to say you wont run out of options when youre using the Black Spirit. 128 presets on-board effects eight cab emulations and four different amp channels all give you a frankly huge range of sonic possibilities. And using it is entirely easy - you can use the built-in MIDI board to assign presets to each of the Black Spirits seven buttons. Meaning you can switch up your sound quickly without having to bend down. Plus a free app for Android and iOS combined with Bluetooth connectivity lets you alter the parameters and levels of the amp from your device. This really is fluid performance.

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